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0 on our project. The real problem is an old version of FxCop. The last official release was FxCop 10. 0, but new versions of FxCop have been bundled with Visual Studio since. In FxCop 10 you could run code analysis without installing Visual Studio by either grabbing just the FxCop stuff out of Visual Studio or installing the Windows SDK. Not so, with FxCop 11. There’ s no longer a standalone installer - it’ s been removed from the Windows SDK. Download demo project - 837 Kb; Download help file - 34. 2 Kb; Introduction FxCop. FxCop is a code analysis tool that checks managed code assemblies for conformance to Microsoft®. NET Framework design guidelines plus custom guidelines. This blog explains how to implement your own static code analysis rules for analyzing your.

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    The material was written by Todd King, one of the developers on the Visual Studio Code Analysis team. This is correct if those folders are located in each of the projects of your solution. If this is not the case, you have the possibility to use path patterns to match other directories, like explained on the doc page ( which I guess you already checked). Okay, so the title may have been a little misleading. I' m not going to show you how to avoid warning CA0060, but how to avoid your build failing because of this warning. This is only helpful if you are running FxCop as a Post- build Event. When FxCop fails due to its inability to find indirectly. FxCop, an abbreviation " Framework Police, " is a rules- based engine that checks managed code assemblies for Microsoft' s. NET Framework design guidelines and custom guidelines. FxCop is a rule based engine which helps the development team to follow best practices of the.

    NET platform and development standards ( based on every company standards). Courseware Online 4 Overview z" FxCop" is an abbreviation for framework police zFxCop is a free static analysis tool for Visual Studio and Visual Studio zFxCop tests rules against assemblies and reports. Code Analysis Team System FxCop Visual Studio FAQ Rules Community Releases Custom Rules tsbt- dev Configuration Code Metrics Documentation Tips and Tricks Framework Design Guidelines Code Analysis Policy Exceptions Books Suppressions Bugs. This isn' t a rule, so you can' t disable it in the same way that you disable rules. Have you considered adding a reference to this assembly in your Visual Studio project, setting it to copy local so that FxCop can find it beside the assembly that is being analyzed? As part of this planning phase, the Managed Code Analysis ( FxCop) team is beginning to work with other teams around Microsoft to ensure that any customer facing. April 12, By davkean 16 FAQ: How do I access the locals of a method in a custom rule? FxCop does not analyze the source code, it analyzes compiled IL- Assemblies! To analyze the source code of a project, use MS StyleCop instead. StyleCop is for source code what FxCop is for MSIL. I trigger my build via Jenkins. My setup: 1) Sonarqube 6. 0 ( Sonar- scanner 2.

    8) 2) Visual Studio ( MSBuild 12. 0, FXCop Static Tools installed). The Code Analysis team itself actually turns on every single rule to run over the binaries that we release. Also note that because they are set at the start of a product cycle and are not changed again until the start of the next cycle, rule sets do not include rules that are new to Visual Studio ( with exception to security rules). This article walks through the configuration required to integrate FXCop in the VS. Let’ s have a quick primer on FXCop and understand the need for automated tools for code review. Here' s a response that Aaron shared with someone else: There’ s a bug in the 8. 0 CodeAnalysis task - it should indeed be putting quotes around the path. The Code Metrics PowerTool is a command line utility that calculates code metrics for your managed code and saves them to an XML file. This tool enables teams to collect and report code metrics as part of their build process. I' ve been profiling my apps with FXCop, it seems to do an okay job of catching stuff, however, I completely disagree with it' s suggestions in some cases. ( This is more of an issue with the standards, and rules that drive the app, than the app itself. ) If you follow the link they gave me, it goes on.

    In response to a lot of recent requests, we’ ve put together a complete list of rules that shipped in the different versions of Visual Studio Code Analysis and FxCop. Attached is an Excel worksheet providing this information for Visual Studio, Visual Studio, FxCop 1. I am having a problem using a custom fxcop rule I have built. I have tried checking the assembly and changing by name for the rules file but I' m still getting. Can I integrate FxCop into visual studio and can I jump to the location in my source of the item that FxCop flags as an error? That’ s why I want to give some more information on both:. January 9, By MSDN Archive 4. An exception was raised attempting to load engine ' c: \ jenkins\ data\ jobs\ myJob\ workspace\ source\ lib\ fxcop 12. 0\ Engines\ PhoenixAnalysisEngine. Hi Todd, I have removed all the dependencies now but still the problems persists. There has been a change in architecture in FxCop since FxCop 1. Visual Studio Code Analyzer — FXCop. Code Analysis “ Code analysis tool” for managed code analyzes managed assemblies and reports information about the assemblies, such as violations of the programming standard and design rules set forth in the Microsoft.

    NET Framework Design Guidelines. I' ve installed FxCop 1. 35 and was using it for a couple days. Now, every time I try to open FxCop it opens with the following error: FxCop. exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. This blog explains how to create custom code analysis rules in Visual Studio and how to debug them in Visual Studio. Create a custom code analysis rule Start with creating a new class library. Making Sure FxCop Warnings and Errors Break the Build Thursday, June 18, – 9: 40 AM. FxCop is a great tool but one thing I don’ t like is that there’ s no simple way to cause an MSBuild script to fail when it encounters an FxCop issue. I am using sonar code analysis tool for analyzing my c# language projects.

    It is working fine for some projects. But for some projects, while uploading in sonar, i am getting Fxcop execution failed. Officially one can currently only run code analysis ( FxCop 12. 0) after installing Visual Studio / /. However, we are adamant about not installing Visual Studio on the build agents ( the installation needs then to be kept in- sync with what we have got on the developer computers etc. Hi Bryan, after making a couple of changes I got your code to compile, but didn' t see the exception above. Does the exception happen on the sample code you sent, or only on your production code? MSBuild is unable to locate the correct binaries to perform Code Analysis on managed binaries. Make sure that either Visual Studio Team System Development Edition or Visual Studio Team System Team Suite is installed with the Code Analysis feature. Microsoft' s FxCop is a free static code analysis tool that checks your assemblies for compliance against some built- in rules.